Woo ooo hum hmm

According to wikipedia factmongers this gentle beauty came from an episode of the Twilight zone. I always pictured it coming from a cowboy film, where the nameless hero and the helpless dame (and her guitar) are sitting by the campfire after a hard day’s escaping and they’re just at that point when she’s a-softening towards him and he’s a-starting to let his guard down. Maybe she’s a nun.


2 responses to “Woo ooo hum hmm

  1. I can picture the scene perfectly… Ah nuns and cowboys and campfires, what more could you want really. Apart from plaintive songs sung earnestly and sweetly.

    it reminds me of a film where there was something very similar to that scenario, except that she wasn’t a nun, she was a young, sweet, innocent girl who just happened to be heavily pregnant and is lost in the wilderness. A kindly cowboy takes pity on her and gives her warmth and sustenance by his fire and makes not a move to sully the chaste friendliness that has built up between them with them exchanging stories, kindness and the odd, demure but meaningful look. In time they fall asleep, but he awakes in the middle of the night to hear a strange gurgling sound. He looks up and seeing the baby bump gone realises that she is not in fact pregnant. She smiles at him and tells him that it was a disguise to ensure that strange men in the wilderness would not harm her. She looks at him meaningfully once gain, but this time her look is far from demure, one might almost say, amorous. One thing leads to another and very soon she has hitched up her skirts and said kindly cowboy is taking advantage of her womanly wares. The groans of pleasure turn to groans of ecstasy as both man and woman move faster and faster together in joyous union… at which point the cowboys groan of ecstasy turns into a groan and then scream of pain as first his nether regions and then the rest of him, in his entirety is sucked inside her through her front ‘entrance’ leaving, yep, you’ve guessed it, what looks like a young, sweet girl who just happens to be heavily pregnant.

    Quite a mental film as I recall and I can’t for the life of me remember the name. The song is lovely by the way.

  2. how delightful – thanks for that.

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