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Casiotone for the painfully alone

All the songs on the Vs Children album are wee stories like the ones you’d get in modern American indie films, full of unhappy beautiful young people being sad and finding life tough and stuff. In Wyoming or wherever. Kansas in this case I believe.

Often children or pregnancy is involved, like on this song there’s a line ‘the less you feel like a child the more you’ll want a child’. Not sure I agree, I just think it’s a great line.

They’re ladies, they do electronica…

…they’re Ladytron.

By this method there should be a million bands called Manguff.

Got a hold of Velocifero this week – I think Tomorrow is the greatest thing off it although nothing will ever get near the euphoria of International dateline (let’s end it heee eee eere)



this week I have been mostly doing my thang to this (although ignore the bit at the start, I’m not really into that)

I don’t really follow the news so this was probably a wordwide smash and I am the last person to come across it.

If it wasn’t how come?

Lulu and the lampshades

Good skills.

mmmmyes, records are my weakness

A couple of oddities inspired by possibly the splendidest movie ever made.

First up Record Shop by Pablo, then if you can take any more it’s time for the Theme from Prim and Proper off Old Skool for Scoundrels by the Cuban boys. I like the ‘hard cheese’ bits best.


Don’t be a stranger

nothing for a while here. I’ve been spending too much time trying to work out what the hypnotic rhythmn of Immamachin by Don’t be a stranger was reminding me of.

Why, I believe the answer to be Only loved at night by the Softboiled eggies. Or is it? What do you think? And is the timing not a wee bit out all over this song? Is good though.

Now that’s been sorted out lots more real soon…