indiepop enough for you?

this was on the John Peel ‘Kats Karavan’ box set. It’s all about cd 2.


Today’s pun is ‘dinoshaw’

More oddness

Thanks to Bob Dylan for this. Turned up on his ‘Theme time radio hour’ compilation. What was the theme that day – child abuse?

The Moooooooooooooooon

This was on the rather splendily titled Moonage timequake which promised ‘wigged out rockabilly, alien fearing country, space age jazz and more from a 50s america in fear of interplanetary interference.
Sadly most of it was guff but this does rule, I love this kind of semi eerie stuff.

It’s Booker T, it’s Hey Ya, it’s all good

Not very topical

Still, a bang bang bang tune with people shouting all over it. Always a good brew.

Horns, yelling and Lee Hazelwood

Sound quality is a bit ropey but it’s worth it especially for the noises Lee makes about 1.50 in…