Hold the critique

Love the chanting bit, and my goodness the chorus is catchy as well, on eeeeeeeeeebay ooooooooo

and everything in the video is the shape of a bomb. Do you see now, do you see?


testing testing


Folk up

Casiotone for the painfully alone

All the songs on the Vs Children album are wee stories like the ones you’d get in modern American indie films, full of unhappy beautiful young people being sad and finding life tough and stuff. In Wyoming or wherever. Kansas in this case I believe.

Often children or pregnancy is involved, like on this song there’s a line ‘the less you feel like a child the more you’ll want a child’. Not sure I agree, I just think it’s a great line.

If you love all men you’ll be surely left with none, but enjoy the big trees anyway

Me and Kate Moss are the same age. So is Ryan Giggs. We are contemporaries

This was on a cd that fell out the newspaper